What to Do After a Criminal Arrest

Criminal Arrest

Being arrested for a crime can be one of the most difficult experiences a person faces in their life. You are put in handcuffs, placed in the back of a police cruiser and then taken to jail where you will stay until a bond is set and you make payment to get out. Because you are in jail you don’t have a lot of opportunity to communicate with the outside world to get the help you need immediately.

The booking process

The first think you need to do is try to remain as calm as you can and be respectful of the staff working in the jail. The people that work there can help you if you show them respect but sometimes acting up while in custody can result in picking an additional charge or affect your bond as they will report that you were disruptive during the process. The golden rule for criminal charges is do no harm to yourself.

Call an attorney, spouse, or family member

You need help from someone outside the jail if you want to get out as soon as possible. Calling a family member, friend or better yet, an attorney is the best way to get released and you can start dealing with the charge. You need to tell them what jail you are located, what the charge is against you and what time your bond hearing will be.

When you make that call to get help do not under any circumstances admit guilt to the crime or discuss any of the facts as the calls are recorded and can be used against you. Do not discuss the facts with anyone inside the jail as they can use that to provide information to law enforcement to try and get a deal for themselves, trust nobody.

Get money for the bond

This can be one of the most difficult things to do because you are in jail have limited access to cash. Before you go to the bond hearing make sure you have money to meet the terms of the bond. An attorney can help you with this but if you do not have one at this point contact a bondsman so they can help you in the event you make bond. The last thing you want is to be stuck in jail because you cannot meet the financial terms of the bond.

What to do once you are out of jail

The most important thing to do once you are released is to show up for any and all court dates. Even if you do not have an attorney you need to appear otherwise you risk getting a bench warrant issued for your arrest and then you may be stuck in jail until the case is resolved which can be over one year sometimes or you are forced to enter a guilty plea so you can be released. Don’t put yourself in a position to make bad decisions under pressure, stay on top of your court dates and be proactive in helping your own cause.

Find A Real Estate Lawyer – Role Of A Lawyer In Property Sale

Lawyer In Property Sale

If you are selling your property, you must find a real estate lawyer to be equipped with precise legal support to handle legal issues involved in the sale. Buyers appoint their own lawyer, so make sure that you have reinforced your legal position with an experienced and proficient real estate lawyer or attorney. When you are searching for a lawyer, you must check out his profile, cases handled and resolved by him, his credentials, profile of the law firm in which he is practicing and many more factors. The easiest way to look for a best real estate lawyer would be to go through online real estate lawyer sites, rather than looking around in your vicinity. Checking track records and credentials of a lawyer becomes easy task through websites of the law firms and individual legal consultants.

Job Of A Property Seller’s Lawyer

Although there is no distinctive function or job defined for a lawyer taking care of legal issues in the sale of a property, such a lawyer usually performs the following tasks to help you in property sales –

1. He/She will draft and review sales contract
2. Ensure title of the property and the documents pertaining to the property are properly included in the sales
3. Revise mortgage information and re-calculate transaction to ensure that those are correct
4. Revise tax bills related to the property
5. Adjustment of dates for utility costs, condominium costs or municipality costs
6. Assessment of the amount of due refunds, if any
7. Drafting statement for adjustment
8. Drafting transfer deeds
9. Taking care whether their clients are able to deliver title to the buyer, when the sale is closed.

Documentation Asked By A Real Estate Lawyer From His Clients

As a seller, you are required to keep ready some essential documents if are about to find a real estate lawyer. Following are the documents your lawyer would require –

  • Latest tax bill issued on your property
  • Last year’s utility bills on property
  • Mortgage details
  • One copy of the offer accepted by buyers
  • Transfer documents on the property since when the property was purchased
  • Additional relevant records which prove that you are the owner of the relevant property.

Fees Charged By Real Estate Lawyer

As you close a property sale deal, be prepared with some payments. Find a real estate lawyer to take care of these payments, including real estate attorney fees. You must keep aside a portion of your profit for insurance, taxes, liens and assessment, escrow charges or charges for title insurance, inspection fees etc. Your real estate lawyer may charge you commission and transaction fees.

When you are trying to find a real estate lawyer, the best option that comes to one’s mind is an online real estate lawyer. When selecting an attorney for property related issues, important criteria for selection are qualification, experience and real estate lawyer fees.